Bed Bugs and How to Prevent and Eliminate Them

Bed Bugs and How to Prevent and Eliminate Them

Most people who have purchased a new mattress have experienced this bad dream. After getting the dreamiest, most comfortable bed you've ever had, and you can hardly wait to hit the hay in it -- surprise! Your once immaculate mattress has become home to some less-than-invited guests. Bed bugs, bitten by the travel bug. It's all too easy to get bed bugs. These pests are attracted to all things human -- our blood, warmth, body heat and exhaled breath. So remain on your guard against that dreadful bed bug bite!

Bed Bugs?

Untold mysteries await discovery for those who get bed bugs. This six-legged critter feeds on human blood and has been known to draw life from many a red-faced victim! But, where does the thing come from? Unfed bed bugs are oblong, while fed ones become oval and flat like ticks. These creatures have an average body length of 1/5 inch. Even a gigantic 2mm is within their powers to see.

Ways to Treat a Bed Bug Problem

One of the most elusive pests today is the bed bug. If there are bugs on, or are infesting inside your mattress and you suspect that bed bugs might be present, here are a few ways you can identify if you are really facing a bed bug problem.

Finding Bed Bug Infestations Bed bugs have a reputation for being difficult to detect, and once an infestation starts, it can spiral out of control quickly. However, there are a few signs that can indicate if an infestation is occurring early enough for the victim to head it off: Small, brown stains from bed bug droppings and blood regurgitation appear on bedding. Bed bug eggs are tiny, white specks in the creases and folds of your mattress. You will also see bed bug bodies. Itchy, red bites appear on your skin in lines or clusters where your body contacts the mattress. Live bed bugs will be found in your mattress 's folds, creases, and tufts.

Act Fast Against Bed Bugs At the first sign of bed bugs, it's crucial to attack them immediately. The longer bed bugs go without being treated, the more quickly their numbers grow. Most probably, you will have to look carefully for eggs and live bugs: In your mattress 's folds and tufts Under mattress buttons In the bed frame joints Between the mattress and its foundation In the carpet or rugs around your bed

Methods for Keeping Bedbugs Out of Your Mattress

You also now have in-depth coverage about ways to look after bedbugs by yourself. You can kill bedbugs in your bed by one or more of the following means:

Spread diatomaceous earth (DE) on and around your mattress: Let it set for at least seven to ten days because DE is slow to kill bed bugs.

Steam clean your mattress: Bed bugs will die after 20 minutes of exposure to temperatures over 118°F, but their eggs need at least 90 minutes at this temperature before you can expose them.

Vacuum up bed bug bodies and eggs: Do this after you've used DE or done the steam treatment, and also don't forget to vacuum your bedroom carpet and other furniture after that. In order to catch anything that might still be alive, it's best to vacuum right before bed.

Wash and dry all sheets and bedding: Use the highest heat settings to make sure anything inside dies-even things like pillows or duvet inserts. If you can't wash it, throw it out. Spray your mattress with diluted rubbing alcohol or a botanical insect repellent: This will kill any lingering bed bugs on contact.

Put a waterproof, bedbug-proof mattress protector on: Future bedbug infestations will not be able to access your mattress. Although it may be tempting, it's better to avoid strong chemical insecticides against bedbugs. Having such substances in your bed could lead to unintended health problems.

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