Where to Dispose off an Old Mattress in Canada?

Where to Dispose off an Old Mattress in Canada?

There are a lot of better ways to dispose of an old mattress in Canada than simply discard it at the curb. Such bulky items are made up of materials that could be harmful to the environment if not properly disposed. Fortunately, Canada offers a number of eco-friendly methods for mattress recycling. In here we will explore the available options to help you discard or dispose your old Mattress the right way!

Street Side Pickup: In many municipalities across Canada, curb-side/street side pickup is offered for bulky goods such as mattresses. Enquire with your local waste management services whether they provide this service. In most cases, you must schedule an appointment for pickup. For instance, wrapping a mattress in plastic cover may be necessary before your area waste hauler will select it and carry it away. Double-bagged plastic wrap is also a better choice that has been tested in order to reduce the amount of smoke that arises when dumped mattresses are burned on the landfill's grounds. This disposable choice is convenient, but not good for the environment.

Mattress Recycling: Recycling is one of the most eco-friendly methods for disposing of your old mattresses. A variety of elements in a mattress, such as the metal springs or foam, are recyclable. There are a lot of specialized organisations in Canada that recycle mattresses. The Mattress Recycling Council, for example, has programs in a number of provinces. Also, local recycling centers or waste management facilities may accept mattresses for recycling. You can search for them online free of charge, or contact your local government to find the closest recycling facility.

Donate your Old Mattress: If your mattress is still in good condition, you may want to consider donating it to a charitable organization. Many non-profit groups and shelters accept donated mattresses in order to help people with little or no income. Non-profits such as the Salvation Army, Habitat For Humanity and local shelters for the homeless will almost always accept mattresses, as long as they meet certain standards of hygiene and condition. Be sure to call ahead and ask them if they accept donated mattresses of this kind and what requirements there are for donating.

Retailer Take-Back Programs: We at Kushi Mattress helps our customers with our take-back plan for your old mattress when you’re buying a new one from us. You need to call and book an appointment to bring in your old mattress for inspection, our team has a meticulous check list to check your old mattress and once it passes the tests, we donate them on your behalf to Epilepsy charity Canada.

Upcycling and Repurposing: For people who are 100% pro-environment and totally environmental friendly, they opt for upcycling or repurposing an old mattress, which can generate creative disposal methods, like the parts of the mattress can be the source of materials for many home projects. For instance, the mattress foam can be recycled into soft seating, while the springs make handy components in the garden and also work for sculptures. Not only that, but upcycling provides it with new form and keeps the mattress out of landfill.

One can choose from a variety of eco-friendly options, and opt for the one that best matches your values, convenience and environment. All of the aforesaid ways to discard or dispose of an old mattress are responsible ways to dispose and accomplishing this is to save the environment. You should always go through local services and organizations to ensure you're doing things properly based on their guidelines and legislation, and keep Canada clean and green.

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