Night Sweats - Hot Sleepers! What's that and how can we help?

Night Sweats - Hot Sleepers! What's that and how can we help?

You've tossed and turned all night long. You wake up soaked in sweat. And research has shown that night sweats, also known as 'hot sleeper' or to be a 'hot sleeper', can affect anywhere between 10% and 41% of people.
Been wishing for some tried-and-true methods of keeping yourself nice and cool when it's hot out?

Why It Happens?

Metabolic rate- biological factors! Some people are blessed with a higher metabolism rate, which results in their generating more body heat.

Hormonal Changes- such conditions as menopause or hyperthyroidism can cause an elevated body temperature.

Medical Conditions- Night sweats might come on when you are suffering from particular health problems, for example infections and neurologic disorders.

Other elements such as Environment in which You Sleep: External factors, such as room temperature and bedding materials can result in overheating during sleep

What typically troubles hot sleepers at night:

1. Sleeplessness- Being unable to sleep for very long periods due to overheating is a continuous source of irritation and frustration.

2. Night Sweats- Night sweats soak the mattress, the sheets, but one's own clothes as well.

3. Tiredness- If they received poor quality sleep last night and therefore suffer great fatigue throughout today's activities, no matter what happens tomorrow shall seem very far off indeed.

4. Discomfort- Sleep poorly having a headache and just feeling uneasy throughout the period until one is finally able to wake up in a state of full consciousness

How Cooling Mattresses from Kushi Mattress & Bedding Products Help Those Who Sleep Hot

Cooling Mattresses and other Cooling Bedding products relieve hot sleepers discomfort by increasing airflow, wicking moisture away, and spreading heat.

1. Cooling Mattresses

The material composition: Gel-infused foam, use it to evenly absorb and redistribute heat throughout a bed. Open-cell foam, make sure that an increased airflow is always possible for cooling your temperature down as quickly as possible from outside sources other than yourself that arise little by little over time or suddenly. Breathable covers of gel infused material would absorb heat, maintain pure air and release moisture again to regulate sleeping temperature to the Perfection.

2. Gel-infused Mattress Protectors and Cool Mattress Toppers

They work similarly to gel-infused mattresses in aiding heat distribution skills. Ventilated memory foam. Lets the pillow "breathe", dampening no heat at all Cool Mattress Toppers, Gel memory foam topers are put on top of one's regular mattress to offer all the benefits of weighted quilts without overheating. For those who sleep hot, cooling mattresses and other bedding products provide instant relief. These not just regulate body temperature, they also eliminate night sweats, thereby making rest uninterrupted and ultimately resulting in better overall physical condition.

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