Restful sleep leads to a refreshed and invigorated morning

Restful sleep leads to a refreshed and invigorated morning

Wake up, scroll through your phone, get ready, eat breakfast, and head to work. It sounds monotonous, doesn’t it? The more we repeat these seemingly simple morning steps, the more mundane they become. So, how do we change this? Is there anything we can do to reclaim our mornings and set ourselves up for a better day? Let’s dive in! Every good day starts with an even better morning. Beginning the day on a positive note sets the tone for everything that follows. It provides the peace of mind necessary to navigate the day successfully.

Here are few easy things you can do in the morning to ensure you have a better day! Morning Tips for a Better Day.

Don't start your Day with Mobile Scroll:

As per a 2016 survey, 18% of people check their phone as soon as they wake up; 62% does that within half an hour.  Where's the problem? With regard to energy and productivity, the early hours anywhere from sunrise until around 10:00 am are your most vibrant and potent time. We are in danger of throwing this away by wasting at least part of those precious hours from our eyes--on Facebook/Insta or Reels. 

Step Outside

Even if your mornings are busy, get out and bathe in natural sunlight for a minute or two, stepping outside supports your body's inner clock (circadian rhythm) with the message "The day is starting." Sun rises early and sun sets late in the Spring. This jolts energy into your daily rhythm which gives your day a bright beginning.

Make your Bed

It is time to begin. If you don't already make your bed every day, now start! If you make your bed well, you will have done one thing right before face the day.

Express Gratitude

There is one guaranteed way to improve your day: start the first thing in the morning with an exercise gratitude. As you sip your morning coffee, write down three things for which you are thankful. Although it is relatively simple, this 3 good things experiment can raise your level of both good feelings and happiness quite significantly. Research shows that gratitude is closely tied to happiness. It will increase your positive emotions, help you overcome adversity and build better relationships besides making the day feel more pleasant for everyone. Do something for yourself.  Finally, and most importantly, take a little time out for your own interests n they need not be much, even if it's only five minutes. This time invested in yourself could establish a good mood that lasts throughout your whole day.

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