Role of a Good Mattress in Alleviating Sciatica Pain

Role of a Good Mattress in Alleviating Sciatica Pain

One crucial part of managing sciatica pain is a good mattress. A quality mattress is helpful in relieving the suffering from sciatica. Consequently, the importance of choosing a suitable mattress type cannot be overstated. There are many factors to consider when selecting a new mattress for the living area.

Some of these include price and features.Where a person with sciatica is able to sleep on a good mattress, the better quality rest he will enjoy. In fact, once a person s sciatica has healed, he'll report an overall better quality of life.

While choosing a mattress for alleviating sciatica pain, look for these features:

Pressure Relief: Quality mattresses can reduce lower back and hip strain, which are common areas for sciatica sufferers.

Sciatica and What Can Bring It On: Most often, sciatica happens when the sciatic nerve is irritated or compressed, often because of a herniated disk, bone spur or spinal stenosis. While sleeping is a time when the body is intended to heal, it can cause problems for those with sciatica. To prevent further pressure on the surrounding areas and the nerve itself, it becomes important to find the right mattress.

The Importance of Proper Spinal Alignment: When a proper mattress is used, it sets the spinal column as it should be. Once a person is lying in bed, his muscles and ligaments can relax; injuries will be healed quickly or on their own. Here, the right mattress will help to ease sciatica pain by not allowing nerves anywhere near this point of irritation.

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