When Should We Change a Mattress?

When Should We Change a Mattress?

A functional mattress is essential for a healthy night's sleep. Choosing the correct mattress that supports your body and suits your shape is imperative. Over a period of time, even the best, most comfortable and hypoallergenic mattresses wears out and is ready to be changed for many reasons. This guide will help you understand the basic indications that would help you recognize the early signs which indicates that it's time for a new mattress from Kushi Mattress.


Factors indicating the right time to change your Mattress:-

Mattress Age: All mattresses regardless of the Brand comes to ages after 7 to 8 years of usage. Even the splendid quality mattresses can’t last longer than 8 years, but it is widely suggested that after 7 years of usage one should start looking at changing their mattress. Over a period of time, the materials used in manufacturing a mattress wears off and do not offer the optimum support and comfort once they were built for which helped getting you a good night's sleep.


Look for visible signs of wear & tear: Inspect your mattress carefully and you will be able to see some visual and obvious signs of usual wear & tear on your priced mattress over the years. These signs may or may not include droops, bumps and depressions in your mattress. If you see these signs in your mattress then it’s an indication that your mattress is worn out over a period of time and is now ready to be replaced by one of our preferred Cool (Firm) Mattress, Cool+ (Medium Firm) Mattress or Cloud (Plush) Mattress available all over Canada.


If you feel Aches and Pains: Every morning when you get up and feel stiffness in your body or any aches and pains which were not there when you went to bed, then it indicates that you have a problem with your Mattress and its time to replace it sooner. All mattresses offered by Kushi Mattress provides lumbar support, and are cool which makes them perfect partner for hot sleepers. Read more about all our Mattresses here:- Cool (Firm) MattressCool+ (Medium Firm) Mattress or Cloud (Plush) Mattress.


Inferior Relaxation: Even after getting good 7-9 hours of sleep, you feel like staying asleep or waking up tired or find yourself struggling to sleep, then one of the primary concerns can be your worn-out Mattress. If you struggle to sleep through the night you may be in need of a new mattress by Kushi Mattress.


Hypersensitivity or breathing issues: Over a period of time mattresses can house dust mites, mold, and other allergens that can aggravate allergies or contribute to respiratory difficulties. If you experience signs of hypersensitivities or breathing issues, your mattress can be the culprit.


Few helpful tips to keep in mind while Replacing your old Mattress


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