Adjustable Bed Frames - Investment or an Expense!

Adjustable Bed Frames - Investment or an Expense!

While looking for a new mattress and have heard a Sales Associate or seen an advertisement of an adjustable bed frame base. The price might have given you a shock, but an adjustable bed frame is a valuable investment in your health not an expense.

Today, many people in Canada have learned to cope with getting too little sleep from other physical problems because they couldn't find a mattress that suited their bodies. Problems like acid reflux, sleep apnea, and a myriad of aches and pains could get rest ranging from fragmentary to none at all.

A good night's sleep is necessary for our bodies to rest and recoup. Standard sleep systems, even with newer mattress technology, just don't disburse pressure evenly across the entire mattress surface. Even the old standard bed bases can't alter its support points around any shape you please- a single area, or whole body twist!

Here are five benefits of using an adjustable bed frame.

Good for Your Heart and Circulation: When horizontal, the heart has to work harder to supply blood with oxygen (to get it back through the arteries). With an adjustable bed you can angle it off a bit, taking some of load off your heart, improving your circulation in general.

Reduced Aches and Pains: When you sleep on a perfectly flat mattress it may force your body out of alignment and put stress on muscles or joints. An adjustable base lets you change the angle of different parts of the bed for maximum support-my head, neck, low back or even feet can all benefit from varying prescriptions according to their individual requirements. This will help rejuvenate yourself during a night's rest.

Promotes Relaxation: On an adjustable base you can read bedtime stories comfortable by sitting up and leaning against the headboard. As these activities grow more daring, however your own tiredness will work to put you into dreamland. Many adjustable beds also feature built-in massagers to enhance relaxation and stimulate circulation.

Alleviates Allergies and Breathing Problems: Putting it down and trying to breathe against the pillow-say because of allergies, a cold or sleep apnea that is common in our culture-decent none comfortable at all. If the angle is not right it can cause back pain. An adjustable base can help you find just the correct angle for appropriate respiration and overall comfort.

Helps with Mobility: For those with mobility issues, an adjustable bed frame makes it easier to get into and out of bed thus reducing the chances of further injuries. You might need to elevate your head or legs postoperatively and this is easily achieved by using an adjustable bed platform.

If you want to find out more about adjustable beds or are unsure if they fit your particular needs, please call us at (647) 825-8744 or visit our showroom at- Kushi Mattress & Bedding, 258 King St East Bowmanville, ON L1C 5C4. Timings: Mon - Fri, 10:00am - 8:00pm Saturday, 10:00am - 6:00pm, Sunday, 11:00am - 5:00pm where our knowledgeable Sales Associates can help. You can also check out our collection of adjustable bases on our website -, which includes images and specifications for each.

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