Discover the Comfort and Convenience of an Adjustable Bed Bundle

Discover the Comfort and Convenience of an Adjustable Bed Bundle

In the high-speed world of today, comfort and convenience in your sleeping environment are more important than ever. One solution is an Adjustable Bed Bundle from Kushi Mattress & Bedding. A complete package comprising an adjustable bed frame, mattress, two pillows, mattress protector and bedding set. This comprehensive bundle ensures that you are well equipped for a comfortable night's sleep, tailored to your individual comfort needs.

Adjustable Bed Frame:

Comfort That you Can Customize The adjustable bed frame is at the heart of this bundle. Unlike traditional bed frames, an adjustable one can alter the angle of your feet and head giving you customized support. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with specific health needs such as back pain, acid reflux or sleep apnea. By adjusting the frame to whatever angle you prefer, it is possible to honor different pressure points in the body and improve overall quality of sleep. In addition, an adjustable bed frame brings a measure of convenience and luxury. You can lift your head to read or watch television without having to pile up the pillows. At the push of a button, the height or angle of the bed can be adjusted so that your bedroom turns into your very own haven.

Cool Mattress:

The foundation of sound sleep. The mattress included in the set is designed to fit closely with the adjustable bed frame. It is made from cool gel memory foam material, which gives it just the right blend of softness and support. Not only does memory foam mattresses fit your body's shape, they distribute weight evenly and so reduce the number of pressure points. This kind of adaptability makes them a smart choice for an adjustable bed, because no matter how you move the mattress moves with it. Just as their sleeping environment is guaranteed by the softness of their mattress, their breath through the night too is guided by this same gentle touch. After all, good quality mattresses are crucial to healthy sleep. They provide support for you your spine at night and help to get rid of unnecessary tossing and turning. On account of all these reasons, when morning comes again one feels refreshed instead of groggy from lack of rest the night before. Now the right mattress, together with an adjustable bed frame can really enhance your sleep experience and make unending improvements to it.


The Adjustable Bed Bundle also includes two special pillows. These have been picked to match the adjustable bed layout, and are designed for maximum neck and head support. It is important that pillows allow for proper posture while you sleep. They can prevent the development of neck pain and assure a good night's rest.

Mattress Protector:

Increasing the Mattress's Effective Life, a mattress protector is also included to preserve your investment for as long as possible. With this essential addition your mattress will be shielded from spills, stains, and allergens- everything that might spoil the look or shorten its expected lifespan. We provide a wonderful mattress protector which is breathable, allowing air through while locking out moisture and dust mites. In this way your mattress stays clean and fresh. A necessary condition for good health actually comes from the spread of a luxury sleep environment around you.


Finally, the package comes with a set of bedsheets. These sheets are cut to fit the mattress accurately, and stay in place even when you tilt them up. High-quality sheets make you more comfortable, presenting a soft, smooth surface to sleep on. They are also easy to look after – one of the most practical items in your package.

The Adjustable Bed Bundle: Conclusion with easy key pointers for your reference:-

  • Preset positions of Reading, TV, Zero Gravity and anti-snore.
  • Fully adjustable head and foot motion.
  • 2 memory settings so the customer doesn't have to keep finding their sweet spot.
  • Vibrating head and foot massage settings that can be set to 12 different settings.
  • Including just head or just foot options.
  • As well as 3 different intensity levels
  • 6 and 12 inch leg heights that give the frame 8 or 14 inch overall height before choosing the mattress height.
  • It will also fit inside any standard bed frame that has a headboard footboard and rails.
  • Also has USB charging ports on the side of the frame for phone or tablet charging.
  • Will support over 900 lbs.
  • And has German made Okin motors.
  • Remote also has a built in flashlight.
  • And also has a backup power box (requires 2 A batteries not included) incase of black out, being able to adjust the bed.
  • Additional extention legs can be purchased to achieve increased height to 20" overall base height if required.

Look no further, buy the Adjustable Bed Bundle from Kushi Mattress & Bedding today!

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