Floors bed: Should You Put Your Mattress On The Floor?

Floors bed: Should You Put Your Mattress On The Floor?

Is putting your mattress on the ground to create a floor bed a good idea? The debate is still ongoing regarding that, because people who have a mattress can pull it off the conventional bed and give their room some minimalist style while at the same time fearing some side-effects like health hazards of having one's head so close to earth. Some people like the chic design of having a bed on floor; and others worry about potential health problems when they sleep in closeness with ground level. We will discuss both sides of the issue, giving you all necessary information to make a judgment about what's best for your sleeping habits.

What is a Floor Bed

A floor bed is a type of mattress directly on the ground, as opposed to traditional bed frame. For room decorating floor beds are now in trend. A floor bed not only reduces waste space, saves money and achieves an elegant feel that fits any taste. Floor beds are now in trend as an eye-catching solution to your furniture problems. According to your style, a floor bed can create an atmospheric paradise in any corner of your home.

Floor Bed: Pros

Prevents Overheating: A floor bed can be an excellent way to stop humidity from getting so high. Floor beds are lower to the ground than traditional beds so they are in cooler surroundings that cool the air temperature around where they rest. Also, it use the abilities of floor to absorb and release heat very well, and so regulates your body temperature over the whole night without need for you to change the air conditioner setting.

Cost Effective: A floor bed is a smart way to save money on bedroom furniture that often goes overlooked. Without a bed frame to buy, you can creatively use the floor for rest without the cost of frame and mattress sets.

Better Back Support: On the floor bed, with its weight distributed over such a wide surface and absent spring-based support systems to concentrate weight, pressure points are lower and delicate areas of the body such as your spine or hips bear less stress. Also the ground itself provides better Lumbar Support than a raised bed because it is solid beneath your mattress, so your bed does not sag inward.

Floor Bed: Cons

Mildew: As a substitute for a traditional bed, a floor bed can represent both an interesting break from the norm and a novel space-saving solution. Nevertheless, one significant drawback of floor beds is that they tend to attract mildew through lack of ventilation. Since they rest close to the ground, it is impossible for air to freely circulate around them as can be found with a regular bed frame. To prevent mildew, the best action is to install good ventilation in each room, and use a dehumidifier where necessary.

Housekeeping More Often: Floor beds require more frequent cleaning than traditional beds. As these beds are in direct contact with the floor, all the dirt and dust that builds up naturally in a home is constantly coming into contact with them. This means that your bedding will need to be washed more frequently in order to keep it clean and comfortable for sleeping on.

Respiratory Problems: Staying near the floor during periods of high temperature can be very attractive as well as relaxing. But those who live in an area with cold winters may be exposed to respiratory problems if they sleep near the floor for any protracted length of time. A lower atmosphere means colder air on the ground. For anyone that breathes in this cold air while they are sleeping, it is harmful to health, particularly if they have acute symptoms like chronic cough or asthma.

At the same time, there is no magic cure to finding the most suitable sleeping arrangement for your family. Individuals have different sleep habits and different kinds of bedding suited to their needs, so it is very important that you do some research before laying out money for a bed in which you might not want to sprawl from now on. Weigh all the relevant concerns as you make the choice if a floor bed is right for you and/or your family.

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