Bed Yoga: What Is It And Why Should You Try It?

Bed Yoga: What Is It And Why Should You Try It?

Simply close your eyes and picture yoga. What do you see? Deep breathing? What about the slow movements made by some famous yoga trainers? Is there no one in that scene meditating comfortably and peacefully? Well now imagine doing all of this in bed. That's " bed yoga! " Yoga is said to be most widely embraced as a discipline for developing the flexibility of mind, body and spirit through movement, meditation, and breathing. It can be put to a variety of uses and the benefits of yoga are deep-rooted.

So what is bed yoga exactly?
Following the principles of traditional yoga, bed yoga mainly consists of a series of stretching and breathing exercises done either on or aside your bed. Bed yoga serves as an entry point for people with little or no previous exposure to the art of yoga because it provides them with a comfortable, safe place to start. This way they can get used to the particular poses in bed before moving onto the floor or a studio room.

Why Practise Bed Yoga?
The purpose of yoga is to help you with strength, balance, and flexibility. The slow movements and deep breathing which are essential components of yoga will help to rev up blood flow, warm up muscles, and build strength.

Without question mattresses do offer a far softer surface than the floor. This means that those people who suffer from other body complaints such as sore knees, wrists or elbow joints have a more comfortable place to practice bed yoga and derive similar benefits from it as other, more strenuous yoga positions. True, there will be certain postures for balance and other work which are restricted. Nevertheless, bed yoga can greatly reduce the pain and stiffness. Carried out just after you wake up or just before you go to sleep, it all excellently reshapes your body in one go!

You can practice bed yoga either at night or in the morning. Its effect will vary depending on how you do each movement with care so that the right chi (life force) gradually permeates everywhere in one's body and mind.

The Best Bed Yoga Poses
– Lie on the floor with your straight back.
– Raise both feet up into the air and let them hang down a little bit
– Place your arms wherever is comfortable for you.
– Now focus on your breath (you're bound to find it there waiting for you), and also the feeling of your body releasing its tension, soften into this moment knowing that within moments the challenge in front will pass.

Bed yoga in the morning can provide a great start for your day. It 'll refresh you and prepare you for the hours ahead. Including these simple yoga poses it may just be one of the best things ever!

Hero pose
- Start in a kneel with your shins on the ground and knees together.
- Spread apart.
- Put your hands behind your body, palms touching the ground and fingers directed toward your feet.
- Breathe out, lowering your buttocks until they have met with the floor.
- Focus on your breath
- Hold for five minutes in this position

Cobra pose
- Start by lying flat on your belly
- Plant the hands in front of both shoulders, palms down and fingers pointing out to each side.
- Put your weight on your hands/arms fingers, and slowly bend your back
- Focus on your breath
- Hold for 5 minutes in this position
- Forward Bend.
- Start on the ground with your legs straight out in front of you.
- Stretch forward with your arms so that you reach as well as can be done
- Use your breath to dig deeper into the stretch
- Hold for 5 minutes in this position

Yoga teaches you to pay attention what is happening in your body and mind. These simple yoga exercises that may be done in bed are an excellent way to begin practicing yoga and take a step toward mindful living. And if your mattress isn’t comfortable, don’t worry! You have the freedom to enjoy bed yoga whether or not your mattress is even worth holding on to.

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