Steps to Stop a Bed from Squeaking

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed

Few things are more irritating than a mattress or a bed frame which spends all night groaning and creaking. You cannot even change your position without hearing that offending noise! If the squeaking is loud enough, it might wake you up from a deep sleep. But the good news is that this is not an unstoppable process. You don't have to lie on a squeaky bed/mattress forever. The most effective way to achieve peace and quiet.

Find the prime suspect - Bed or Mattress - what is making the noise?

A bed can make a squeaking noise in many different places. To identify where the sound is coming from, dismantle your bed and place its mattress onto the floor–then lie down on it. If noise persists despite shifting about, the culprit probably has been found. If the bed does not make a noise the problem may be with either your box springs or bed frame. Use a gentle pressure to locate the source of this noise by pressing on different spots of the box springs and seeing if they squeak. If rapping it against part but none of that is a definite place for what is causing sound, go next to where your bed frame is situated. There are two potential states where beds might lose their noises—oh yes! Push against frame with great care, doing in small motions verticular and from sideways.

To Fix a Squeaky Bed Frame

Bed frames squeak because of friction at the joints or where the slats meet the frame rails. In order to prevent this noise, you can soon stop it.

Method one: Tighten the joints - When inspecting the bed frame's bolts, tighten any loose ones to prevent the squeaking sound of joints rubbing against each other.

Method Two: Use a Lubricant - On bed frames, especially those made of metal, they can produce squeaky sounds even though the joints are tightly screwed. It is because of this that water and ice are so unfriendly with each other. To remedy the situation, use lubricant such as WD-40, or vegetable oil and apply the lubricant in the joints where slats meet rails. Doing so can help you reduce or perhaps eliminate this noise problem altogether.

Method Three: Cushion the Slats - To rid a metal or wooden bed frame of the noise due to friction between the slats and mattress, place soft materials such as felt tape, fabric patches, or even old socks on top of each slat. This will minimize those spots between slats and mattresses that make for this sort of noise.

Method Four: Replace Nails and Screws - If a bed frame teems with old or rusty nails and screws--an issue that might be accompanied by creaking sounds the world over-the hardware may be too old to fix itself with. To solve this problem, inspect the bed frame thoroughly and replace all stripped, rusty or damaged nails and screws with new ones. This should put an end to unwanted noise and make sure that the bed remains stable and secure.


To Fix a Squeaky Mattress

But when the mattress is one of Innerspring, interweaved spiral springs render it squeaky because over time those tightly squeezed metallic components develop slack (and therefore noise). Although there are a number of means to reduce noise, in the end, a new mattress is going to be necessary.

Method One: For those who dislike lying on a mattress that squeaks, turning the mattress is an easy cure. Because less worn (rotated) coils bear the weight, when you turn the mattress around 180 degrees on the frame of the bed you in effect use them. While some mattresses can be double-sided and flipped, most mattresses need only to be flipped every once in a while. This preserves its shape and quality over time.

Method Two: Sometimes the noise and discomfort of lying on an Innerspring mattress can be reduced by placing a mattress topper over it. This can provide a layer between your body and the open coils.

Method Three: Using Bunkie boards - Not only do bunkie boards help stop squeaky beds, they also eliminate an uneven mattress support system (a frequent problem with metal coils or wood slats). Place the boards directly under the mattress to produce a flat surface.

Method Four: If all other methods of reducing noise in your bedroom have failed, perhaps it is time to buy a new mattress. Unfortunately, with Innerspring mattresses there is the distinct possibility that squeaks will appear which are unkillable. Although buying a new mattress may involve higher initial costs than accommodation for your old one (or an even bigger expenditure on spurious parts), going to bed at night can be a joyful experience.

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