How to make your Mattress odour free

How to make your Mattress odour free

Preventing your mattress from stinking is all about staying ahead of the game. Here are some simple tips to keep your bed fresh and clean.

Use a Mattress Protector

The best way to stop odours making their way into the mattress is by using a Mattress protector. There are two kinds of box-spring protectors: fully encased, and fitted. Fully encased protectors cover the entire bed, just like a mattress cover does. Fitted protectors work like a regular fitted sheet does, using an elastic band to stay in place. Both types of protectors will protect your mattress against spills, dust mites and bed bugs as well as borderline fluids being introduced to it In terms of odor prevention, both kinds of protectors are effective. In addition, fully encased protectors also trap humidity and airborne particles that may come up from under your bed mattress. If you have a platform bed, this makes them the better choice. A quality mattress protector keeps mattress odor-free and can protect it from both fluids and particles. It also cleans easily, cleaning out allergens and dirt effortlessly.

Wash Bedding Frequently

It is essential to wash your sheets weekly. Comforters, mattress protectors and quilts should also be cleaned every two to three months. Pillows should be washed according to their care instructions so as not to accumulate sweat, oils or dirt.

Ensure Proper Ventilation  

Under and around your bed, be sure that proper air circulation occurs. Use fans or fling open windows on dry days to help keep it fresh. Place a mattress foundation which lets the air flow through beneath your mattress--no box spring intended here! Regular airing of the mattress is also very helpful in enhancing its ability to breathe.

Vacuum the Mattress

Vacuum the mattress with the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, clean the mattress every 3 to 6 months.

Bed Frame & Base Cleaning

Dust and vacuum often the bed frame, box spring and the area under a bed. Do not allow dust and other debris to accumulate here. The very thing aimed for is to produce a clean sleep.

Choose a Mattress Pad With Moisture Wicking Capabilities

A cushioned, supportive mattress pad that soaks up perspiration, oils and moisture from sleeping surfaces. With a breathable moisture-wicking pad between the bottom fitted sheet and your bed's top layer of covering fabrics one can then enjoy a fresh comfortable sleep experience all year round.

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