Finding The Perfect Mattress For Your Adjustable Base

Finding The Perfect Mattress For Your Adjustable Base

Adjustable Bed Frames can significantly improve your sleep experience for many reasons. They not only help to alleviate the effects of injuries and sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, but they also provide exceptional comfort by allowing you to customize your sleeping or resting position.

When looking into adding an adjustable bed frame into your bedroom arrangement, what mattress is paired with it is very important. While technically many mattresses can be used in combination with an adjustable base, not all are ideal and some may impair the longevity of the pillow-top mattress. Let’s discover which mattresses work well with in our adjustable bed frame bases to ensure a better night’s sleep at the push of your finger.

Why Choose an Adjustable Base?

An adjustable base gives you the freedom to find your own perfect sleeping position. If necessary, you can just lift your head and legs to provide complete support for both your upper body and lower back. Adjustable Bed Frames by Kushi Mattress boast a range of extraordinary features such as:

• Independent adjustments to the head and feet
• For parted sizes, multi-base synchronization
• Independent modes of massage differing in intensity
• Charging ports for USB

With these features, the adjustable base is a highly sought after choice for those looking for customized comfort combined with support.

Which Mattress is Best for an Adjustable Base?

Not all mattresses are suitable for adjustable bed frames. Ideally, you should choose a mattress that allows the base to bend without breaking it. All mattresses from Kushi Mattress & Bedding are a great choice, since they are designed to flex and conform with your body, moving according to the moves of the base but still retaining its form when flat. They have great support and pressure relief so are appropriate for all body sizes and sleeping styles.

Our Suggestion

The best Mattress that can give you the best experience on your adjustable bed frame, is our Cloud Mattress (Plush). Thanks to advanced production techniques and materials, Kushi’s range of mattresses will provide top quality support, comfort and durability on your adjustable bed. Here at Kushi Mattress, we have a range of mattresses that are perfect for your adjustable bed frame. If you are also in the market for a new adjustable bed Frame, we have some of the best options available. For more information on our highest rated bases and mattresses, click here and start shopping!

Remember: by choosing the right mattress and adjustable base you can tune your sleeping arrangements to be more comfortable and enjoyable.

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